Building a Portable Book Box

Building a Portable Book Box

Creating a portable book box allows your child to bring their books with them from room to room, outside, in the car, to school, to a friend or relatives house, everywhere!  Creating a small book bin with your child with a few of their favorite reads, maybe a few books you’d like them to read and a book buddy will encourage reading wherever they are!  They will also enjoy having something that is theirs.  With time, they will take pride in curating their book box.  Take notice when you see them add new books, take away books, or keep books in it- this is a great opportunity to see what books your child gravitates to and start conversations about books with them.


  1. Something to hold the books in.
    This can be a small box, basket, bag or backpack.  The one in this picture is from Marshalls.  Marshalls and Homegoods are my go-to basket stores, but they unfortunately don’t have inventory available online to link you to 🙁  Below are a few similarly styled baskets.  I like sturdy small baskets with handles:

The Container Store:
Small Water Hyacinth Bin Natural (13.25x9x6)
Currently ON SALE for $7.49

Small Collapsible Sotorage Basket
(available in different colors & patterns)
Prime $17.99

Small Nautical Storage Basket
(sometimes available in different colors)
Prime $10.99

Small Lined Milk Crate – Dark Brown Weave
Currently ON SALE for $6.29

Twisted Paper Rope Small Tapered Basket Gray
Currently ON SALE for $5.84



2.   Fill basket with your child.
      Make sure there are a few books in it that you know they really like.

3.   Add a little book buddy.
      Book Buddies are little stuffed animals your child can read with. They make reading extra fun!



Additional opportunities with book box:

  • When people come to your home, your child may enjoy showing their book box to guests.
  • If your child is shy and enjoys using their book box, having the book box out may be a good conversation starter.