Reading Games

Reading Games

I’ve compiled a list of games + apps that are great for promoting reading. What games does your family like to play? Do any of them belong on this list?

Happy Learning 🙂


Spot It

ABOUT: The object of the game is to flip two cards and find the letter (or shape) that is on both cards. For example, in the picture above the matching letter is C.

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: Pre-K, TK and Kindergarten students working on letter identification.



ABOUT: This game is like scrabble without the board. Great game to bring along with traveling + kids get a kick out of the game container being a banana 🙂

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: Kindergarten children and up.

My First Bananagrams

ABOUT: This version of Bananagrams is perfect for bringing attention to and practicing words with letter teams (th, ch, wh, sh, ea, ou, ai, oo, etc.)

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: End of kindergarten, first grade and second grade students.


Upword game
ABOUT: This is played similar to scrabble, BUT you get to build off each others words!

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: End of first grade and up.

Alphabet, Number and Shape GO FISH

ABOUT: These games are played just like the traditional Go Fish game. Each deck helps practice identifying a certain subject: letters, numbers, shapes.

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: Pre-K, TK and Kindergarten students working on letter, number and shape identification.


4-Way Spell Down

ABOUT: Each player has 10 letters and the object is to make words with the letters you roll and the 10 letters on your side. Once you use a letter you flip the stick it is on and whoever uses all of their letters first, wins.

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: First grade and up.

Snap It Up

ABOUT: This game is all about making words. It’s a fast paced word building game that helps students master word families. Each time you make a word you get to keep that card as a point.

WHO THIS IS GOOD FOR: First grade and up.


Boggle + now they have a Super Big Boggle

Crazy Letters


Apples to Apples



Words with Friends (like Scrabble)

WordWhizzle Search (word search with a twist)

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